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This article is about my blog Technicals of stock trading. It provides free technical analysis of global stock markets, commodities and Forex markets. Based on which free trading calls are given so that traders can earn profits from financial markets.

Background and why this blog?:I have been trading for the last 8years and my father has been a trader since 1992. Having worked with such an experience trader made me learned a lot of trading psychologies from his live experiences, setbacks and profit earning techniques from stock markets. I came to learn about a few certain situations from him in which a trader should never let himself get trapped. I always used to wonder watching CNBC what these guys are talking about "Divergences, head and shoulders, trendlines, overbought, oversold etc." sort of things. How they decide R/S levels, what is the best stop loss, when should one enter in the market, which are the best stocks- beaten up or higher trending bla bla, these kind of questions always bugged my mind. Infact I observed lot of other traders also are struggling with these questions, unaware or having inadequate expertise in above mentioned technical terms also called technical analysis and do want to learn about this. Being in this profession for many years we have observed most of the traders always find it very hard to make profit from the markets. They either end up losing all their capital money or waiting for their capital to come at those levels from where they started investing. This frustration ultimately forces them to quit the profession, some quitting in the middle of their capital erosion while other have to quit after their all money is gone. Infact some extreme traders even continue chasing their luck in this market before they realize they have ruined their life and of their family's. But have we considered even once that Is the problem with the market itself or it lies within our own methodologies, thinking and techniques to play the markets?? Problem is we spend very little time and money to learn the markets, some infact learn the technicalities in a fair good amount but still lacking the discipline to implement those learned techniques resulting in capital erosion, poo r risk management let even very good traders fail in protecting their corpus and ultimately they also end up loosing all their money even though they were good about the markets more than the 50% times!!Problem is we forget that predicting the markets, whether it be based on well learned technical analysis, very good sophisticated technical tools or from some very good experts, only deals in probabilities never in certainties.Whoever challenges that so and so tip will be proved 95% or 99% accurate is either lying or knows shit about the market. Infact if somebody is correct 60%-70% of his trend-forecasting and predictions, then we must say he is indeed a very good analyst with a great vision and intuition about the markets. So its only our firm discipline and good risk management which allow our profits to stand higher than losses in values. A good trader always first calculates RRR(risk to reward ratio)before executing a trade. No matter how probable trading strategy appear s, he will place orders only when RRR seems 1.5 or 2 to him.

All these things trader must understand before investing his hard earned money. In view of this, I have decided to provide a free platform in my blog for traders to let them profit from stock markets by our free trading calls, to learn about certain trading principles, to make every trader understand risk managementBesides free trading calls, the explanation given in our reviews will help traders to learn how to make trading decisions and the way to analyze the markets.

Services:>>Free daytrading and future trading strategies would be given based purely on technical analysis.>>Free Gobal indices, commodities, forex and Indian stocks analysis and future outlook.>>Online training sessions of technical analysis will be held with very reasonable charges.>>Free educative material and daily one golden rule of technical analysis, trading strategies will be published

Objective:The objective of this blog is educative and informative only.

If you are a beginner, or a trader who want to learn or even an experienced one but still finding hard to earn from the stock markets and now seeking some genuine trading calls and strategies in stocks, commodities and forex then our blog will be an ideal place for you.Blog url: