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Indian stock market is tracked down by not just domestic traders but also by global investors and traders who invest in the indices and several blue-chip stocks in the stock markets like NSE and BSE. Live stock market quotes play a very important role in informing the investors about the stock price at the right time. There are various others factors too that make trading much easier for the traders and investors. Let's study them in detail.

Live stock market quotes

Most news channels run a price change scroll on the screens. These scrolls mention the current price and price change percent of all stocks and shares listed in BSE and NSE. These scrolls are updated with every fraction of second to let the trader know the current price with the clock movement when the markets are open. Most intraday traders buy various shares at a particular price when the markets open and sell them off at a price little higher than the buying price before the market closes for the day. Active traders in particular buy stocks multiple times in a day, but because they have to sell them before market closing, it is important for them to keep a track on price change even if it is only a few points change. Live share market prices also help them in maintaining the average price in case the price falls. Minute changes in the market also guide the traders about the market movement. Many traders also practice hedging by investing in defensive commodities and sto cks that are inversely affected by the market movement. Live stock market updates help the traders to track the movement of various such stocks and commodities to ensure a safer trading day.Importance of Nifty Live Charts for Day Traders

Most often, day traders are found digging their heads in their trading terminals and TV screens to track the movement of the markets and particular share on charts and graphs. Now days, most mobile applications also provide Nifty live charts using Java based applications for the traders who are on-the-move. This ensures that the traders can keep a close watch on the price movement even if they are not working in front of their trading terminals. Live charts and graphs concerning price change and volumes of shares traded every minute guide the traders about the next price movement.

Live Stock Market Tips- How They Help

Many expert traders and investors give out tips and trading strategies on various industrial sectors, markets, commodities and particular stocks. Live stock market tips from such experts on nationalized business news channels and blogs help the traders a lot in making their trading strategies. Various live stock market updates also explain the trading patterns and investor sentiments in the present market scenario. It is very important not just for day traders but also for long term investors to follow the stock market live and stay aware of market condition at all times. There are various websites too that provide live updates on stock markets.

Intraday Trading In Stocks And Share Those who invest in stocks and share for a very short-term and they withdraw from their positions by the end of the market trading session of the day are known as intraday traders. These day traders buy and sell the stocks, options and futures even with a very low price change. Here, they mainly need to ensure that they earn more than the brokerage they pay to their brokerage firm, just to be above the break-even point.