Best Programs In Finance And Stock Market By NIPS - Education

The financial services segment (Including Banks, Brokerage Houses, and Mutual Funds etc.) is poised for rapid growth with rising disposable income and improving literacy levels in India. Demand of financial services in India is ever increasing which is attracting a lot of foreign investment. In our thriving capital Delhi, opportunities are abundant if you have the right skills. In such a rapidly expanding sector, Finance Courses Delhi become highly lucrative for a fast track for a career in finance. In this regard, people join a variety of courses such as MBA, Stock Market course (or share market courses and NCFM Certification Delhi), CFP, PG Diploma in Finance etc. The idea is to aim towards skill enhancement through specialised courses which can build great careers. The New Era Institute of Professional Studies (NIPS) offers skill enhancing programs in the Financial Services Domain. At NIPS we offer short term and long term courses in finance. In short tem finance course s, we offer: The Certified Financial Planner (CFP) which builds your skills and provides you with a certification which aids in providing financial advisory services to individuals. Certified Financial Planner Certification is the most prestigious and internationally accepted Financial Planning qualification recognized and respected by the global financial community. The CFPCM Certification (Certified Financial Planner Certification) wins trust and presents opportunities worldwide. Diploma in Stock Market Course , Analysis and Trading (D-SAT) which helps candidates build skills in effective valuation and analysis of stock, commodities and currencies. Diploma in Stock Analysis & Trading is a comprehensive program for students who wish to build a successful career in the Capital Markets. The program builds a strong foundation in basics of Capital Market then moves on to the advanced methods of Equity Valuation.In long term finance courses we offer: Post Graduate Diploma in Fi nancial Services (PGDFS) which is a comprehensive diploma covering all the critical points of financial services and analysisNIPS financial sector courses allow our students to make a successful and enriching career for themselves.With that as the focal point the New Era organization ventures into the field of higher education with the establishment of the New Era Institute of Professional Studies. The New Era name has been associated with providing quality school education for the past 50 years, evolving with passing time sculpting young minds into complete individuals. New Era has now taken a giant step forward and seeks to establish itself on a higher platform by creating leaders and professionals for business world by establishing the New Era Institute of Professional Studies.