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Which India news section matter to you the most? So, every now and then you want to have access to commodity and stock markets news such as BSE sensex and NSE nifty figures, performance of particular stocks such as NSE and BSE metal stocks, commodity prices, best mutual funds of the day, and more. You cannot have access to such comprehensive news at a single television news channel or a newspaper. Only a news portal will serve your purpose, especially a platform that publishes only relevant news in detail. Here, you can read any India news in detail any number of times. You can visit the page to changing sensex and NSE nifty performances with just a click of the mouse. If you are an investor in the stock markets, it will be wise on your part to subscribe to email alerts so that you get recommended NSE and BSE metal, IT, and other stock recommendations right in your mailbox. You will also get recommendations about the best mutual funds performing well over a period of time. Again it is not only Indian but also world stock markets performances that you can have access to at such a portal.

So, what are the top India news at the moment (19th Sept.)? Sunday's strong earthquake did hit several states with Sikkim being the most affected. Sikkim earthquake toll rose to 50 and rescue work is being hit by land blockages and landslides. N Srinivasan takes over as BCCI president with Shukla being appointed as the IPL chief. Narendra Modi's sadvhvana fast is on; a Muslim cleric offered him a 'skull cap' which he refused to put on. More India news can be accessed online.

In the market section, NSE nifty and BSE sensex underperformed after moderate rise for three days at a stretch. This is amid weak global cues, especially renewed concerns about the Greece debt crisis. Asian stock markets including India are greatly affected by it. Even the best mutual funds are affected. NSE and BSE metal stocks also underperformed, witnessing an average loss by 1 percent. Only nine out of the 30 stocks of the BSE performed moderately. Of course BSE metal stocks did well when both sensex and nifty graphs rose high. Similar is the situation of the commodity market with rising and falling commodity prices. You can view both stock and commodity prices charts at the same news portal.