When we start thinking of trading in the stock market, we need to recognize the best suited trading strategy. This can be one of the difficult questions for a trader to select the correct trading strategy. There are innumerable of trading strategies on the Internet to select from. Most of these strategies look very profitable, but you must know that they often are marketed to look as such.Most of the time, you will come across a couple different strategies that show promise. Traders tend to pick indicators that make sense to them, and make them feel comfortable. This will happen when you come across these different strategies. You will simply take the pieces out of each one that you like, and create a blended system that is pretty much your own.So what the trader need to do? The quick answer is that they need to put in the work themselves. This doesn't mean that you have to reinvent the strategy, but simply be willing to demo trade for a reasonable amount of time to see wh at kind of results you get from a specific trading strategy. Over time, you will learn to adjust things such as the risk tolerance, position size, and perhaps even the days of the week you're willing to place a trade. By the time you get to this point in the process, you have a strategy that may be ready to be tried out in the live marketplace.New trader should not suspend by borrowing little pieces of trading strategies here in there to become a profitable trader. This is completely normal, and to be honest the intelligent thing to do as many of these indicators or rules will have been proven time and time again in the past. Only amateur traders believe that they are going to invent something "new" in the trading world. Besides, the whole reason you're trading is to make a profit, not to become some kind of mathematical technician. Technicians are there to develop the strategy and prove them. You need to pick one which is best suited for you.If you are not willing to do thi s then you need to take the guidance of one good advisory firm. But again you need to check the reliability of the advisory firm. As there are many advisory firms present in the market these days, but to dig out the good advisory firms like capital stars is bit difficult. Xyz is an advisory firm which gives the advice in share trading, commodity trading with the 90 + accuracy, but you will get to hear this line many a time when you will come across the different advisory firms but all glitters are not gold, you will need to work to search out the reliable one. Once you get a good mouth, you are ready to start trading in normal position size but as a general rule, it's probably wise to trade extremely small positions at first, as you are still trying to prove this new trading system.