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September 22,, in the Japanese capital Tokyo, pedestrians from the stock market information walk past a display screen. On that day by day, before the New York market fell influence, 22, Tokyo's nikkei 225 stock average stock price index fell 180.90 points, or, to 8560.26 points, down 2.07%. The xinhua news agency hair (GuanXian ichiro perturbation)

The fed innovation type "reverse operation" not only can't change course, but big market that drew boos from.

Mr Bernanke announced Wednesday as investors are worried about the $400 billion plan to buy debt can not effectively to stimulate the economy, and the fed's statement warning "major" economic downside risk to the global market, a frenzy: a new wave of hedge stock market, commodities and emerging market currencies in riskier assets, such as follow us stocks fall on Wednesday and sharply, and Indonesia minority stock market tumbled nearly 9% of tin pan, London clobbering nearly 10%. Dollars as the only shelter and dish up 1%.

Discussion meeting was not surprise interest

As this newspaper had predicted that Ben bernanke, the federal reserve on Wednesday led end member of the meeting on interest rates take a kind of more "neutral" strategy--to start "buy debt long throw short debt" of so-called reverse operation, the latter difference in quantitative easing (QE), will not make the fed's balance sheet is widening.

According to the federal reserve's open market committee local time Wednesday afternoon issued a statement, the fed plan in June next year before buying $400 billion for a period of six years to 30 years of long-term national debt, and sell the remaining term of the currently held in three years the following the same number of short-term national debt, the purpose is "down long-term interest rates, your whole financial environment has become much more comfortable".

Note the, and the first meeting, this time as the fed's decision is not unanimous vote, 10 members with three voted against, highlights the at present decision makers for further relax policy differences. And in politics, republicans in congress DuoWei leaders of 20, a rare, urged the federal reserve Ben bernanke wrote don't take further looser monetary policy, because this will lead to future inflation risk accumulated.

Analysts note that out of various pressure, despite the current economic situation, but bernanke did not like some market participants expected in this meeting announced QE3 start. QE3 fail, to many in anticipation of this, of course, a big investor is bad.

Global stock markets crumbled

For the federal reserve offering of operating strategy to turn out, most economists agree that, it can't effectively stimulate investment and consumption. High frequency, chief economic American economist, points out that the federal reserve shepherd's latest measure to the real economy, because little impact on the current limit U.S. economic growth is not interest rates or yield curve.

In fact, many experts have pointed out that, as Ben bernanke in Jackson hole at the annual meeting of the central bank recently said, at this stage of the ability of central Banks to stimulate the economy, the next step is limited to the government has practical financial measures to drive the economy.

The Pacific investment management company CEO mohamed ella, pay attention to the, make investor confidence in shock, in addition to the QE3 fail, but also the authorities for the economic situation pessimistic judgment.

In the 21, member of the statement, the fed interest rates fall sharply to the assessment of the economic outlook, said economic face "major" downside risk to the global financial market, and tensions.