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The Indian Stock Market has come very close to its previous high and is continuing to hover around that level. A similar pattern is being is displayed by the Brazilian Stock Market. Many other countries are their which have scaled up to their heights which are Malaysia, Mexico and Indonesia. Comparatively Malaysia Exchange has surpassed all the respective heights. The Mexican exchange have raised their level up to 10% while that of Indonesian Exchange has seen the figure gone up to 30% but all these analysis if taken in terms of Local Currencies than these outperforming exchanges appear to be far behind the Indian Bourses.On the other hand, even though the Indian Stock Market has outperformed in comparison to the other exchanges but still their performance is not considered to be the best. So, far the results have broadly been in line with the expectations however they suggest that we are heading for a set of mixed numbers. Very few companies have surprised the market with their results. Nevertheless, market response to the current encouraging results suggests that there are certain other factors weighing on the minds of the investors. The investing fraternity is convinced that the increase in the prices of share is driven by liquidity flows. The macro economic issues are engaging the attention of the investors. The Indian bourses are likely to have a significant impact due to Global Liquidity flows, currency wars and protectionism. Inflation is expected get moderated and there could be easier trends for some of the agricultural products. Nowadays the domestic prices of commodities like metals and various industrial inputs are now determined by their cost in International markets. In the view of the high liquidity in the International markets, the inflation scenario is not expected to be benign. Commodity prices have witnessed large fluctuations over the last few years and this volatility is likely to continue, thereby affecting the fortunes of all the other sectors. RBI is having serious plans for controlling inflation which is being mentioned in the last policy statement. The repo and revised repo rates were revised upwards. The RBI also made it clear that it is not likely to raise the interest rates in the near foreseeable future. With a strong demand for credit and a tight liquidity situation, interest rates may not soften. In fact, we may see the RBI indulging in some easing techniques to ensure that there is adequate liquidity in the system.The above information was provided by a Stock Advisory company which is named as CapitalHeight Financial services. The company provides tips in equity and commodity market with an accuracy rate of above 80-90%. The company has an experienced research team which has a great knowledge and insight into the market which they use to analyze the market and provide such tips to their clients so that they can provide profit to them with minimum risk involved in it. The company provides various services to the clients in whom they include Stock Tips, Stock Cash Plus, Stock Future Plus, Bullion Plus, Commodity tips, Equity Tips etc which are provided at the most affordable prices. Do join with us.